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Monday, September 5, 2011


AYATOLLAH Mesbah-Yazdi, the theoretician of 12ther  "Hojatieh" violence, gave a new speech at the end of Ramadan (end of August) in which he criticized the opinion of those people who claim Islam is based on generosity and respect for Human Rights.

In this speech he said: “Democracy, Human Rights and the rights of citizenship have no place in Islam.”

He continued that there is no room for freedom of speech and thought in Islam, and that Islam is based on strictness and violence.

Muslims and those who convert to the religion of Islam must only adhere to the opinions of the leader of the Islamic Republic, according to Mesbah. He continued: “Until a person has converted to Islam, he is free — but democracy and Human Rights have no meaning within Islam.

Everything must be under the surveillance of the government, even the way people dress. And if some people say otherwise, they don’t know Islam.”

(And do NOT know Obama and his Islamist mindsets as horrifyingly ennunciated in the video below!)

Mesbah-Yazdi founded the official ideological school for the politics of the regime with the unlimited budget approved by the government, which is supported by oil money. This ideology is, as mentioned by him, oppression and violence while paying no attention to the basic citizen and human rights. According to the expertise of knowledgeable scholars, Mesbah’s claims stand in contradiction to the teachings of the Quran that are based on the high value of each human Moslem (KARAMAT).

NOTE: the ISLAMIC "ZAKAT" (roughly equivalent to Christian tithes) that Obama espouses so adamanently and bemoans not flowing freely in America, MUST have ONE SEVENTH of all donations OBLIGATORILY  donated to fund "violent Jihad"!

Does he think we are too stupid to know he wants it to flow to him and his radicals for his support of Islam and a global Caliphate with him in charge?

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