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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Just imagine. You want to build a home, so you buy a $23,000 piece of land in a residential subdivision in your hometown and get started. The government then tells you to stop, threatens you with $40 million in fines and is not kidding.

That's the case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, with briefs being filed today by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of a Priest Lake, Idaho, family, Chantell and Mike Sackett.

Attorney Damien Schiff, who will be arguing before the high court in the case, said it's simply a case of a government run amok, and it poses a potential threat to perhaps not every landowner across the nation, but untold millions.

"Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws"

The Sacketts, Schiff said, "bought property, and the government in effect has ordered them to treat the property like a public park."

"The EPA has not paid them a dime for that privilege," he said. "The (Obama)  regime we have operating now allows the EPA to take property without having to pay for it, or giving the owners the right to their day in court.""

Alan note: Obama is using the EPA like a Chicago gangster to ruin a huge food producing area in California for a tiny fish,  to prevent oil drilling on land or offshore, to prevent you growing your own food in your own home or small garden plots  and in every way possible to prevent your independence from his all intrusive Marxist regime. It's getting harder and harder to distinguish his  governance from that of a Stalin - except he uses the EPA and an all encompassing Obama healthcare bill (much of it a slush fund financing of his radical agendas rather than anything to do with our good  health)  instead of "gulags" and executions to impose his will.

Through "cap and trade" and the EPA Obama will close down 20% of coal operated  electricity plants starting January 2012! Thus  shutting down a huge chunk of our power generation capability and  making us more reliant on imported oil from his Arab and Brazilian friends' sources.

Does anyone STILL HAVE DOUBTS of his nefarious, destructive  intentions AGAINST the USA?

Are you still going to suicidally vote for YOUR OWN DOWNFALL by  voting for Obama our terrorist enemy within?

Many fear that deaths are on the horizon as America revolts against this narcissistic megalomaniac who thinks he is the "chosen one" of all religions but specially Islam. Or the very least the Black Jesus his followers used to call him during his campaign.

AND HE THROWS HIS MILLION MAN CIVILIAN SECURITY FORCE (already partly funded in hidden aspects of his ObamaCare bill), plus Unions and ACORN type thugs at us and bloodshed ensues.

How mentally stable - other than  a "stable, consistent" adherence to his (weird) sense of his at own greatness - is a huge question that needs to be resolved. More so even than his dubious eligibility to be in a position of power to destroy our nation and much of the world.

If you need evidence on how corrupt self-serving unions and union officials can be, then please consider Ex-labor chief's 1-day rehire nets $158,000 city pension

A retired Chicago labor leader secured a $158,000 public pension — roughly five times greater than what a typical retired public-service worker in the Windy City receives — after being rehired for just one day of active duty on the city payroll, local news reports said.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Dennis Gannon stands to collect approximately $5 million in city pension funds during his lifetime. He now draws the pension while working for a hedge fund, the Tribune reported.

Gannon, former president of the Chicago Federation of Labor, was able to take a long leave from a city job to work for a union and then receive a city pension based on a high union salary. That arrangement is allowed under a state law signed by Gov. Jim Thompson on his last day in office in 1991, according to an investigation by the Tribune and WGN-TV.

The change has enabled a couple dozen labor leaders to become potential millionaires.

What is different in Gannon’s case is that he became eligible for the especially lucrative pension deal only because the city rehired the former Streets and Sanitation Department worker for one day in 1994, before granting him an indefinite leave of absence, according to the investigation. He retired from the city job in 2004 at age 50.

Gannon’s pension is so high that it exceeds federal limits and required Chicago’s pension fund to file special paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service to give it to him, the Tribune reported.

"I am extremely proud of my many years of service to the city of Chicago and the working men and women of organized labor," Gannon wrote in a statement provided to the Tribune.

The Tribune reports ...

The pension came on top of Gannon's union salary, which had grown to more than $240,000. He now draws the pension while working for a hedge fund, Grosvenor Capital Management, that does work with public pensions, including the Teachers Retirement System of Illinois. The firm also was one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's largest campaign contributors.

The PLF organization representing the property owner has prepared a video to explain the EPA case, which is being heard by the SUPREME Court!

Read more: EPA tok property owner: 'Your land is our land'

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