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Monday, November 7, 2011


To: Barbara Lochbihler (x-chair & current subs. member of European Parliament(EP/ Iran Delegation)

CC: EP Iran Delegation:

Tarja Cronberg (Chair) ,Kurt Lechner (member), Cornelia Ernst (member), Marietje Schaake (member), Kathleen Van Brempt (member)

From: Undersigned

Re: Response to Barbara Lochbihler’s letter

Dear Mrs. Barbara Lochbihler,

Thank you for your response to our open letter in regard to the planned delegation to Iran, which was cancelled by the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) authorities.

We are fully aware of your new position as Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament, and have also realized that you chose to continue your work with the EP Iran Delegation as a substitute member.

In your letter you referred to the record of EP Iran Delegation on criticizing numerous issues in Iran, in particular the dire human rights situation, during its term of service. That is exactly our point, how many censure resolution against IRI for violation of human rights have been moved by EP, UN and human right watch offices across the globe during the last couple of decades?

When we look at the current grim picture of the human right situation in Iran it clearly indicates that the circumstances have been worsening every year. In other words the world communities should have reached to this point by now that condemning and carping IRI won’t do any good anymore.

It is time for the world communities to declare the illegitimacy of the IRI government.

You stressed in your letter that if you want to help the people of Iran to bring about change, you need to keep in touch with those alternative players in Iranian society, and therefore meetings with opposition representatives have been organized.

Our impression from your statement “alternative players and opposition representative” leads us to Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi. Allow me to bring to your attention that these two characters have no more credibility among Iranians and certainly are no longer considered as the representatives of Iranian oppositions.

After the forged election in June 2009, Iranian movement mainly headed by our young generation has shaken the foundation of totalitarian regime of mullahs, they raised their voice for freedom and against the imposed tyranny but they were faced with the brutal and barbarian forces of the regime that were cracking down heavily on dissent.

Thousands of our brave young men and women stood and shielded their chest against Islamic regime’s bullets, fought against political incarceration, torture, rape, and for all their basic freedom and human rights.

While so many of them have dedicated their lives and irrigated the tree of freedom with their blood, there were no sign of Mousavi and Karroubi in the battlefield, in fact they betrayed them and left those young people alone in the streets to be torn apart by the hyenas of IRI.

The young generation has realized that these “no-leaders” are not ready to fight for people as much as they are willing to fight to save their Islamic regime.

In 2009 Mousavi, in his 17th statement, admitted publicly that he is loyal to the Islamic regime, moreover announced that any reform will only be possible within the framework of Islamic Guardian Council.

Only mentally-impaired people truly may believe that a democratic style of life can all be possible within the framework of Islamic Constitutional law and the Guardian Council infrastructure.

Even though the protest in Iran started with the alleged reason of dissatisfaction with the election results, however the movement became quite radical very quickly and people started chanting “Mousavi is an excuse, the entire regime is targeted”, “Death to the Islamic Regime”, and “independence, freedom, Iranian republic”. (This rhymes in Persian and is still a total anti-Mullah slogan)

This was a clear message to the Regime that Iranians no longer wanted an Islamic Regime, rather they pursuing a secular democratic government.

The Regime felt so threatened by this slogan that they made Mousavi to come out and say “people’s slogan must be Islamic Republic, not one word more and not one word less.”

Mousavi has forgotten that the people of Iran are those Persians whose culture has rooted into more than 3000 years of history, a culture that was pioneer on introducing the principles of human rights to the world, whose emblem has been erected at the current entrance of the United Nation.

These people will never yield to a tyrannical religious regime that was imposed upon them by force; it will be a matter of time for them to eventually find their way to go back to their original identity, Persian, not one word more and not one word less.

It was no brainer to realize that people used Mousavi and Karroubi as masks to hide behind them so that they can demonstrate for liberty.

Regardless, the alliances of world powers didn’t want to hear the voice of Iranian movement; rather they prefer to continue with providing the necessary support for the tyrannical regime of IRI to make sure the regime’s cracking down on the protesters is a success.

On numerous occasions during 2010 Mousavi and Karoubi both admitted that the people are not following them anymore and in fact they are the ones who follow them.

Today the issue at the forefront of Iranian politics is not about the election results, nor is it about either candidate, it’s about Regime Change.

Unfortunately the international communities led by Western Powers (specially Obama and his Moslem Brotherhood) have still shown their reservation to recognize the Iranian dilemma and on the contrary have strived to serve to strengthen the so-called "Islamic reformist" stand rather than help the grounds for “Regime Change”.

The disrepute for these two characters goes beyond their lack of love and respect for their people when we see they both have criminal records and are responsible for the murdering of tens of thousands of young Iranian students that have occurred during their terms of services to IRI.

Geoffrey Robertson, an attorney in London who did a report on Mousavi entitled “ Iran’s Hero Was a War Criminal” says the freedom fighters’ leader was responsible for the mass execution of political prisoners.

His Full report, “The massacre of political prisoners in Iran 1988” is available from the Abdurrahman Boroumand Foundation.

Based on another report by Pierre Tristam, a writer, editor, lecturer, and a publisher in U.S., entitled “Profile: Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Iran’s Radical Turned Reformist”, Mousavi has defended the taking of American hostages, his reputation for radicalism was undiminished, he had a direct role in the arms-for-hostages scandal known as the Iran-Contra affairs, he neither liked nor trusted Americans, and he opposed to suspending the country’s nuclear-enrichment program.

In this report the author adds that the characterization of Mousavi being as “reformer” and a “moderate” are at best premature and likely outright fabrications.

The regime reformers inside Iran, so-called Islamic green led by Mousavi and Karoubi, and their delegates outside the country are not the legitimate representatives of Iranian opposition.

The lobbyists for these Islamic reformers who have been campaigning for Mousavi and Karoubi in Europe and Washington have been supported financially by Rafsanjani, the fourth President of IRI, whose strategic resolution & pronouncement behind the curtain has profoundly contributed to the survival of the regime for more than 3 decades.

Due to the oppressive atmosphere and the lack of freedom inside Iran and current disunity among the oppositions outside the country, the practice of political campaigning by people and different political groups and parties have not been possible.

Regardless, this lack of privilege for Iranian oppositions should not be contemplated as a justification for EP Iran Delegation to be convinced to accept Mousavi et al as the representatives of Iranian opposition and start collaborative dialogue with them.

If EP Iran Delegation is really committed to the people of Iran and respects for what they pursue, then it is required for the delegation to be willing to spend the time in discovery of concerted dialogues that are plausible to Iranian oppositions.

The lack of alternative players should not be pondered as an obstacle in this way. Besides, alternative government is supposed to be established through free election after the fall of IRI.

Considering the current dilemma that the people of Iran are facing with, Iranian oppositions collectively agree on having a “Representative Speaker”, someone who can act as a liaison on behalf of Iranians to exchange and convey messages between the Iranian opposition across the globe and the world community and establish a clear and efficient communication among them.

He will not carry any title such as “alternative player” or “leader of opposition”, nor “political leadership”, etc., he would simply function as the “Representative Speaker of Iranians” until the fall of IRI.

Presently, the best candidate for such position is Reza Pahlavi, the son of Mohammad Reza Shah, who is very familiar with policy both in the U.S. and EU and is a capable speaker.

Oppositions from any political group and party inside and outside Iran can stand behind such Representative Speaker. As an example among the undersigned of this letter there are people who are not pro monarchy and will vote for a republic government in the future free Iran.

Reza Pahlavi himself on numerous occasions has mentioned that currently he has no intention of pursuing any political position and his diplomatic fate will be determined by the people of Iran in the future free election when IRI is no more in power.

The undersigned on behalf of millions of Iranians are willing EP Iran Delegation to recognize Reza Pahlavi as “Representative Speaker of Iranians” and start opening dialogue with him.

CC: President of European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek,

CC: Offices of European Parliament

CC: Office of Reza Pahlavi



1. Dr. Mansur Rastani, University Professor, USA

2. Dr. Siavash Abghari, Professor of Finance, USA

3. Firouzeh Ghaffarpour, Political and Human Rights activist, USA

4. Dr. Parviz Haddadizadeh “The New Iran” (TNI) Election commissioner, USA

5. Cina Dabestani, Constitutionalist Party of Iran, Chair of Washington DC Chapter

6. Dr. M Asan, Physician, Canada

7. Shabnam Assadollahi , Human Rights Defender, Canada

8. Pardis irani Graduate College Student Iran

9. Anti-Suppression Student Movement in Iran – Iran Branch

10. Saied Shemirani, Political Activist - United Persian Organization, USA

11. Sheri Alvandian, human rights activist, publisher, USA

12. Esmaeil Hoshyar, Author, and Comics Writer, Swiss

13. John S. Burke, Freelance Writer, USA

14. Soheila Nikpour, Human Rights and Refugee Rights activist, U.S.A.

15. Dr. A. Samadani, X-President, Global University, USA

16. Dr. Jahanshah Rashidian, Psychologist, Freelance Writer, Germany

17. Shoreh Irani, Aerobic Coach, Germany

18. Shahin Khordehpaz, Political Activist, USA

19. Dr. N Rochan, Physician, Canada

20. Dr. Gill Gillespie, Director, the Iran Information Project, UK

21. Walton K. Martin III, Director, the Iran Information Project, USA

22. Pari Saffari, Bidari Radio & TV, USA

23. Nina Sadeghi, Student of Sociology, Italy

24. Soheil Parhizi, Artist and Human Rights Activist, Switzerland

25. Carol Savageau, Political Activist, USA

26. Aruo Arian, Entrepreneur, Canada

27. Roya Chelbea, Political & Social Activist, Austria

28. Shahriyar Gorugi, Political Activist & College Student, USA

29. Siamak Zand, Freelance Journalist, Canada

30. Shawn Bahrami, Business Owner, USA

31. Afshin Azizian Political activist and Human Rights Advocate, UK

32. Besabeh Bagheri, CEO Entrepreneur, USA

33. Massoud Nasseri, Business Owner & Political & Social Activist, USA

You can add  to the list of those accepting H.I.H. Prince Reza Pahlavi as the Representative Speaker for the Opposition to the Islamic Regime of Iran

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