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Sunday, December 18, 2011



In a series of interviews, accompanied by about a dozen Iranian journalists who had managed to flee Iran over the mountains and reach Europe, then described the torture, rapes, abuses of not just rights but humanity in Islamic Iranian prisons perpetrated by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his middle son Mojtaba (in Iran and Syria), Crown Prince Reza has declared Khamenei should be tried in the Hague International Tribunal for "Crimes against Humanity".

Speaking to various audiences from France, Prince Reza Pahlavi pointed to various leaders of Islamic countries which had been removed for their "brutal" suppression of populist uprisings like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and still in progress in Syria (under Iranian suppression forces) and compared to the slaughter and torture of dissidents in Iran which far exceeded those in the countries the West had "liberated", insisted the Islamic leadership of Iran should be brought to justice in a similar fashion.

Sadly, Prince Reza runs into opposition from Obama and Hillary's obedient and biased State Department, which repeatedly supports the Mullahs against the people of Iran and Syria. And whose thrust in foreign affairs insists on overthrowing opposition to the Moslem Brotherhood and strengthening a potential global Islamic Caliphate in which, based on his Islamic ties and parental background, Obama hopes to hold a  senior governing position.

Obama's first step in his megalomaniacal journey is the destruction of America to validate his worth as a future Caliph or with becoming Secretary General of the United Nations (with 57 Islamic nation votes) as a stepping stone to his target "holy grail" of becoming Grand Caliph.

When this self-deluding, empty headed narcissist can arrogantly claim that he is the fourth best American president ever to have lived, his accession to ruler of the world on Islamic chariots seems quite rational and believable to him.

Specially as reportedly he is still gets high on drug use and like his inability to kick his cigarette habit he still has his long time cocaine 'monkey on his back'. The dependency potentially leading him into hallucinations of his own self worth.

Unlike other Presidents before him, his salvation is in Islam not American dreams and he has become less and less careful or concerned in letting his Islamic predilections, policies and  preferences appearing openly.

Frankly, if he wins re-election, perhaps by suspending the Constitution and imposing martial law, he will feel empowered to rule by fiat/decree in a form of a "legislative" dictatorship, at most by bending our laws and ignoring restriction in other laws.

And if he fails to be re-elected he can attach himself to the Islamic movements he has helped establish in the USA, who will support his grab of power alongside his Oval Office based Moslem Brotherhood agents, who run the show.


And his plans include a nuclear powerful Iran, which will grudgingly and disrespectfully go along with him, though already showing signs that they prefer to and intend to work with Saudi Arabia than with Obama.

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince has started action to erode the Islamic Iran Republic position with his leadership and bringing the Hague court into play  by lodging a case against Iran's Supreme Ruler himself and providing a ton of first hand evidence of the crimes against humanity.

What is far more telling are videos of brutality in Syria perpetrated by Iranian Ghods forces.

Abuses they no longer try to hide BUT now use to discourage other resistant activists.

Somewhat like the new violent suppression of revolt in Egypt, where the Military has decided "enough is enough" over Islamic driven insurgency inside Egypt

Here are some videos of Syrian/Iranian brutality inside Syria, where some 20,000 murderous Iranian Suppression Force and Iranian Special Force members have moved in over the past year to extinguish "unrest".

These are not intended to condone or glorify violence but to point out who and what Obama's best Islamic buddies REALLY are and apart from showing the brutality of their mindsets, mirror Obama's determined destruction of America by promoting, expanding and Constitutionally illegally imposing his chosen Islamic religion on an unwary, naive America!

The brutality is not a national trait of Egypt, Syria, Iran, Libya etc., but  a long, deeply  embedded MOSLEM one, which is being infiltrated quite rapidly into America by Obama and senior Moslem Brotherhood leaders he has installed in his White House and in policy making positions in the Eric Holder Dept. of INJUSTICE and Homeland INSecurity! As well as sprinkled into our Law Enforcement organizations.

WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW AND GET A REAL TASTE OF A BEHIND THE SCENES VIEW OF WHAT IS BEING DESCENDED ON US IN THE NAME OF ISLAM AND SHARIA LAW. A bit like the Old Testament of the Bible being imposed on us as Christianity. The difference being that Islam does impose customs, laws and religious ideas dating back 1,400 years, all in the name of Allah.

In my mind Obama has only two BASIC positions to consider:

1. He will NOT be re-elected in 2012, but by then, will have turned America into such a scorched earth chaotic state of misery and financial ruin, NOBODY will have the time to pursue him after he quickly moves himself and family to KENYA (or a Moslem Brotherhood run country) after leaving office with the millions of Dollars he has acquired since becoming President.

Plus more millions he can call in as favors for the money he has passed to his cronies in clearly Conspiritorial and Accessory (before or after the fact) situations.

2. He WILL be re-elected in 2012 and will thus have all the time in the world and without pressures to meet re-election considerations, finish his destruction of America, while taking more and more time to play golf and multi-million Dollar vacations. There will not be enough of America left behind by him to even begin to organize legal retribution.

SIDEBAR: Obama has NEVER governed. He has either worked out ways to embed Moslem Sharia deep into America, implemented  huge (multi-billions)  fraudulent transfers of money to his cronies and campaigned to try to stick around and do some more of this.

His claim of having killed Osama (strong doubt exists as to HIS role in this - apparently barely any if at all - is offset by HIS LOSS of the unmanned stealth drone technology to our enemies.

He vetoed any effort to recover or destroy it, earning him brownie points with Iran and China to the detriment of over 20-years of research thus given to them as a gift. This negative is far greater than the plus of supposedly organizing the Osama project.

Or his feeble trying to save face by begging Iran to "pretty please" give it back!



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