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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Word seeping out of Iran about the Mallard explosion which killed  General Moghadam-Tehrani, the top Iranian  missile commander  a few weeks ago, was caused by an external (air) attack of some kind.

Strangely Israel is NOT suspected but Obama is!

The same goes for the most recent Isfahan explosion, which as many suspected had little to do with the nuclear sites there but with destroying missile capability. Again by some form of attack from the air.

The word in Iran is that Obama was behind it all, so the Panetta vitriol  against Israel is not that surprising as Obama tries to mend fences with his Islamic Iranian clerics and Moslem Brotherhood activists he seems to have temporarily thrown under the bus as he does with so many of his allies.

Or was it a repeat of the Ossama bin Laden operation which was carried out DESPITE  a myriad obstacles Obama and Valerie Jarett put in the way to prevent it. Till finally Panetta and Hillary Clinton ordered the mission on their own and dragged Obama off the golf course to be seen to have been part of it.

He then jumped in trying to take credit for the "sucessful" mission, though much is still in doubt about it. And also, since he was not in on it, explains Obama's varied descriptions of the mission to which he was not really privy.

Push the replay button on the two recent Iran explosions at Mallard and Isfahan. Panetta and Hillary possibly took charge of weakening Iran's ability to deliver nuclear weapons even if they acquired them.  Again without Obama's consent!

As their boss, Obama seems to be using them to make nice to his Islamic buddies and also make up for his hypocritical stated claims that he would never abandon Israel and was their champion forever!

His credibility with those around him has diminished badly under the weight of his lies to everyone.

Or maybe he was shown a news video of self-flagellating Islamists walking down a Los Angeles main thoroughfare, this week, beating and whipping themselves to celebrate the Islamic  Moharram  month of fasting.

This activity would be a Shia event - remember Islamic Iran is mostly Shia - and participants were reportedly Iranians, Pakistanis, Iraqis and a sprinkling of other Shia nationalities.

While Obama's background is predominantly Sunni, his only true accomplishment in the Oval Office is an Islamic rise to power around oil rich regions which will help fund the Moslem Brotherhood, now that he has removed Islamic leaders who opposed the Brotherhood from countries in the region.

Recently he barely tries to hide his bias. Or is beyond caring since he doubts he will  be in that office a year from now.

The self-proclaimed champion of ISLAMIC ISRAEL!!!

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