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Friday, March 2, 2012


While we wrestle with the potential assassination, not a natural death, of Andy Breitbart by pro-Obama activists, which include highly trained Iranian terrorists who have infiltrated the USA and recently wanted to murder the Saudi Ambassador:

or terrorist Palestinians he has imported into the USA by the thousands;

or  even Union, ACORN or Chicago mafia thugs ;

and let's NOT overlook the Moslem Brotherhood he has ensconced in his White House, who can draw on a huge depth of trained killers, so an assassination is FAR from a conspiracy theory.

And would not be the first if we consider the weird death of someone who had accessed Obama's passport records and was found shot in his car not long afterward.

There are articles appearing about CIA poisoned FROZEN mini-projectiles that can bring on a heart attack, dissolve and leave no trace of themselves nor the poison. And what do we know or can find out about one of the strangers with whom Andrew spent his last hour alive drinking in a bar? And dropping dead in the street before he reached home.

The Soviets/Russia and Eastern Europeans have long had very lethal untraceable poisons and the Bulgarians or was it Romanians or both, who used special umbrellas to inject poison pellets into political dissidents, who died of "apparent" heart attacks.

Governments have long had access/possession of these stealth killers - poisons and trained executioners.

And not just governments. About 35-years ago , as a "private citizen" I was offered a cigarette lighter which could silently fire several spring launched miniature flechettes, coated with a fast disappearing and untraceable, "almost instant death" poison. The European company proffered the gift to invite my efforts in promoting their wares.

I was keeping this for my book but it underlines how easy it is for Obama with his abundant terror connections in many countries to obtain and launch this murder.

Even without children in my home at the time, as a consideration, I  did not accept the gift. The colorless, odorless vial of clear poison for dipping more flechettes was far too dangerous even for me, let alone a bevy of servants with lots of curiosity and sometimes, should I be careless and temporarily leave my safe unlocked, perhaps end up dead.

Plus I had no conceivable target in mind thus no need for it  but have listed the matter here to add credence that a Breitbart walking at night in the street could well have been targeted with a similar, more modern weapon, leaving only a tiny red spot to point to how he died. But this would be forgetting the strangers with whom he drank.

If as a “private citizen” I came across this, albeit many decades ago when my life was very different, then Obama faced with the Breitbart videos that could unseat him, would have EASY access to chemicals and the supportive persons to carry it out.

What is interesting here is that the "fearful" videos which, in one form or another, triggered the Breitbart death, are reportedly about to become public.

What a waste by Obummer of a warrior needed by America.

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