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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


They asked the fox who was his witness, to which he replied "my bushy tail"! (Persian saying).

That's right folks. Media Matters, the far Left website funded by George Soros, is now serving as a mouth piece for the United States Department of Justice.

Not only did DOJ refer Ciaramella to Media Matters for information about Operation Fast and Furious, but didn't even refer him to material that had anything to do with his original question about the FBI covering up the existence of a third weapon found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Ciaramella writes:

The Department of Justice is using the liberal “watchdog” group Media Matters for America to deflect questions about the Fast and Furious scandal, including those regarding a gun that might have been used in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

A new book raises questions as to whether the FBI hid the existence of a weapon recovered at the scene of murdered U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Conservative commentator and author Katie Pavlich lays out evidence she says points to a FBI cover-up to protect a confidential informant in her recently released book, Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-up,

In response to an inquiry from the Free Beacon, a Justice Department spokeswoman said in an email that she “was told to direct your questions to the FBI, and also to provide you with a link to this story:”

The link was to a story at the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America supposedly refuting many of Pavlich’s claims. Media Matters is a partisan organization whose founder, David Brock, is also running a pro-Obama super PAC.

For more than a year now, Americans have been stonewalled, ignored and disrespected in our quests for information about the Obama administration's lethal Operation Fast and Furious. The fact that the Obama Justice Department, headed by Attorney General Eric Holder, is now sending reporters to the far Left, George Soros funded, Media Matters for factual information about one of the bloodiest scandals in U.S. history, is no surprise and totally predictable. This is just an extension of the Obama administration's shameless coverup and refusal to tell the truth about Fast and Furious. The claims made by Media Matters match up nearly exactly with claims made by Justice Department officials in their defense against involvement in Fast and Furious.

The Justice Department has blood on its hands, there are at least 300 Mexican citizens dead and two of our federal agents have been murdered as a result of this program. The Obama administration as a whole refuses to take responsibility and provide transparency for an American public outraged by this scandal. The Justice Department is responsible for upholding the law in a fair, unbiased and non-political manner, but the current politically appointed DOJ leadership has chosen to engage in promoting a far Left and controversial agenda. Apparently, the new spokesperson for the Justice Department is Media Matters, and just in case you're wondering, Media Matters is headed by David Brock, who just so happens to be in charge of a pro-Obama super PAC.

Media Matters also enjoys tax exempt status as a non-profit, despite being a mouth piece for the White House and the DOJ.

Media Matters has an anti-Christian agenda

Ok, the headline “Media Matters has an anti-Christian agenda” probably doesn’t come as a shock to anyone who watches Glenn’s show or listens to the radio. This is a group that exists solely to push a progressive agenda, silence conservative voices, and to provide talking points for MSNBC hosts. Now – have they been successful? Clearly not – just ask MSNBC executives how they feel about their ratings. Nevertheless, the fact that this organization has tax-exempt status is terrifying, especially when they claim to now be targeting a “pro-Christian” bias in the media. Have you noticed too much Christianity on TV – or does it seem to be the opposite? Well, Media Matters is looking to stamp it all out!

“You know what’s amazing to me? Stu, do you remember when Media Matters first started and it had, people first giving it credibility and we’re like, don’t give that credibility, and the mainstream media was. And then by the time we got over to CNN, people were, you know, discrediting them. Even CNN was discrediting them. They were like, this is the hack group,” Glenn said of MMFA when it was first founded.

“So here’s Media Matters in their strategy when they actually applied for the IRS application, here’s what they said. They said that it is going to counter what it views as ‘pro Christian bias’ in the news reporting and analysis by the American media. It is common for news and commentary by the press to present viewpoints that tend to be overly and promoting a conservative Christian‑influenced ideology.

“That’s how they applied for their IRS status, that ‘We’re going to go after a Christian ideology.’”

“What does this have to do with anything? Well, first of all remember they’re now the ones that are starting to say Israel Firsters. That’s what they’re starting to call Christians, Israel Firsters. Anybody who believes that Israel should be taken care of, it’s another ‑‑ it’s another way of being anti‑Semitic, quite honestly, calling them Israel Firsters,” Glenn explained.

“It’s also part of the idea to take down American religion. If you want to take down ‑‑ if you want to take down the country, you have to teach us to hate, you have to teach us to be apart from each other, you have to teach us not to help each other, you have to make us hate each other in classes.”

Glenn said that in order to help forment this hate for one another, you have to destroy the organizations that teach people to love. And what is the main organizations that does this? Churches and faith groups.

“Now, who teaches the opposite of hate? Who is the one? What organization has always led change? What organizations were the ones that led to the American Revolution? What was the group that led to the freeing of the slaves?”

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