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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Barack Obama Was A Foreign Student – American Media Threatened Into Silence

Leftist-Union Coalition Says It’s On Track To Train 100,000 Occupiers For “99% Spring” Protests…,000-occupiers-for-99-spring-protests/

Dhimmitude at Wegmans

Discrimination Often Used As An Excuse For Failure

Eye Witness Reports on America’s Death

Petition to Stop Funding a Terrorist-Supported Egypt

Obama Dares The Supreme Court To Overturn His Health Care Law

The Lies That Grew Up To Be Obamacare

Obama's Alinsky Strategy: Who's Next? It's not about Trayvon Martin. It's part of a bigger picture--a multi-faceted war to divide America for the sole purpose of securing Obama's re-election and subsequent radical social change

Post-mortem America: Proximate cause of death: The health care bill is not now and never has been about health care, but about the systematic dismantling of our constitutional republic through unprecedented control

VA Billboard Campaign: Obama Will Say Anything to Get Re-elected:

Critical Race Theory: Of the Racists, By the Racists, For the Racists

Women of America Are Being bunch of smooth-talking snake oil salesmen of the left

American crime: black on black; black on white

Arpaio takes Obama’s ‘forgery’ to public (to counter media blackout)

With Washington Now Imposing the World’s Highest Corporate Tax Rate, Every Day is April Fool’s Day for American Cos

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Obama’s website pitches post-election flexibility for African-Americans

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Says Barack Obama Birth Certificate Would Not Stand Up in Court

Full Disclosure: I Bought the Obama/Biden Product in ’08

‘Gay’ Flag Flies Over Afghan Base While Cross Removed From Army Chapel and Atheist Rally Sponsored on Military Base

Pat Buchanan: Obama guilty of ‘a dereliction of duty’ on Trayvon Martin case

From the Trayvon Martin Tragedy to a National Travesty

“State of the Unions” More than 50% Union Jobs Government, not Private

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