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Sunday, January 1, 2012


VIEW VIDEO AT THE END of an Islamist's opinion on TV.

MPAC's 2012 Agenda - Using "Islamophobia" As A Bludgeon


December 26, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - On Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011, the anti-American Muslim Public Affairs Council [MPAC, an Islamist pressure group] convened its 11th annual convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

ALAN NOTE: Using American freedoms to spout their misleading, rather poisonous  opinions! Something they could not, cannot, do in the Islamic countries and the Sharia they espouse.

-----Some editorializing by the author has been done to clarify the messages here.-----

During the event's second session a presentation was made entitled, "The Industry of Hate in the Public Square," with Edina Lekovic [MPAC director of policy and programming] serving as moderator.

Panelists included:

Wajahat Ali [playwright, author of "Domestic Crusaders"]

Aziza Hasan [MPAC So. Cal government relations director] and

Steve Rohde [past president ACLU]. Rohde was a last minute replacement for Mark Potok whose name appeared in the program book.

MPAC's lead mouthpiece and president Salam Al-Marayati lead things off, taking to the podium and asserting that: "Islamophobia (a term created by Moslems to discredit those who are Islam-aware) is a social disease." He then turned things over to the Constitutionaphobe moderator, Edina Lekovic.

Ms. Lekovic said that this is a time when there is a whirlwind of activity, both foreign and domestic, and that MPAC was focusing on the propaganda TLC show All American Muslim and Lowe's legitimate withdrawal of its sponsorship.

The nature of Islamophobia (being Islam-Aware), she said, is changing. Lekovic stressed that the organization needed people on the ground to work the neighborhoods in promoting Islam’s anti-american agenda.

To that end index cards were passed around upon which respondents were asked to share their experiences and challenges along these lines.

Wajahat addressed the assembly stating [facetiously] that Muslims should be congratulated because he claimed that the Muslim agenda has won, in that there are now stealth halal turkeys and a Muslim beauty queen.

He said that many Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim, but a funny one as he eats bacon (It’s actually OK to eat bacon if the action serves to befuddle non-Muslims) and lyingly refers to Jesus as his Savior.

He said it has been a funny year.

Wajahat continued on, stating that the TLC channel created a national and international furor with its propaganda series All American Muslim, which is about five Muslim families living in the US.

Lowe's legitimately withdrew sponsorship under pressure from the Florida Family Association and thousands of other American patriots. He asked those in attendance if they knew what the Florida Family Association is. Then he offered his bigoted opinion.

He said that essentially it's one man, David Canton, with a web site, a rather poor web site, in his opinion. He said David Canton has a history of (expressing his First Amendment rights, something Wajahat condemns) bothering corporations and that Canton stated that All American Muslim presented only phony “normal” Muslims, not terrorists.

Of course, he opined that Pamela Geller and David Horowitz are key players in the apparent conspiracy to spread "Islamophobia (a word coined by Muslims to discredit those knowledgeable people who are increasingly Islam-Aware)."

He continued with the ad-hominem attacks saying that Canton is a fringe character, a harmless kook. Wajahat said that shows what one dedicated person with a web site can do.

He then said that every attendee would be getting a book on Islamophobia - a report six months in the making and sponsored by the [hard left, Soros funded] Center for American Progress.

Ali said he was proud to be one of the contributors of takiyya to the report.

He erroneously claimed that Norwegian patriot, Brevik was inspired by many of the Islamophobes cited in the aforementioned study. In fact, Brevik was driven over the deep edge by Islamist incursions in his beloved Norway.

Such Islamophobes claim that mosques are Trojan Horses and that the title, All American Muslim is an oxymoron.

Wajahat described some of CAP's report, including the claim that the Islamophobia (truth about Islam) "industry," is a 43 million dollar affair and that there are patriotic, pro-American anti-Shari'a laws pending in 24 states.

He also singled out Islam-Aware Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, David Yerushalmi, Steve Emerson, ACT, FOX News, "hate (actually, patriotic)" radio and bloggers as contributing to the atmosphere of "Islamophobia."

In his opinion this clandestine (he lies) movement parallels the bigotry which confronts hate based ethnic and sexual preference minorities.

But fear not the speaker stated, America will always find its moral compass and that the "fear mongers" always become the villains in children's books.

Concluding he said, we will win, we have partners in this.

Yes, the Muslim anti-Constitution partners include the Moslem Brotherhood, (comfortably operating out of the White House)  many ignorant Democrats, leftists, all Communists, progressives, Marxists, Occupy groups, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.

Steve Rohde, a last minute replacement,  spoke next. He recited a parody he had written of the well know work of Reverend Martin Niemoller in which the Reverend attacked the German intelligentsia for not standing up to Hitler because they felt they were safe.

He said "When MPAC calls I respond."

In this version of Niemoller's allegory, Rohde subbed Muslims as the despised minority [instead of the Jews] destined for the ovens.

He said we know of the threat to the Ground Zero mosque, the Qur'an burning and Lowe's withdrawal of sponsorship. We will get through this challenge together, he continued.

He said he was with the Jewish Funds for Justice and the Progressive Jewish Alliance.

He said he was so proud of the report that was passed out. As long as Islam-Aware Islamophobia rears its ugly head, you will have me and others as your friend.

In fact, many Americans remain willfully ignorant of Islam just as the Germans were ignorant of Nazism before its reign of hatred and terror descended on the world causing over sixty million deaths. (Did he just shoot himself in the foot? Is Islam like the Nazis?)

Aziza Hasan took to the podium next. She said we are commanded by the Koran to stand up for truth (actually lies and deceit). We are compelled to speak up and tell all manner of lies.

Really there are not that many people named as leaders/Islamophobes, the rapidly growing numbers of the islam-Aware. How do we break it down?

A. You anticipate

B. You build.

C. You campaign, with MPAC emphasizing the Muslim coined term, Islamophobia and practicing bullying of anyone who opposes the anti-American Islamists.

Hasan assured that Islamophobia (the spread of the truth about Islam) will get worse in 2012 and that MPAC can have a campaign to counter it by building alliances with civilizationophobes.  (Anarchists?)

She referenced the time a few years ago that Dr. Maher Hathout was to receive an award. "Islamophobes" (honest people) opposed it, but thanks to our alliances, we prevailed.

Continuing, Hasan said Dr. Maher Hathout has given us the four steps we need to succeed in subduing civilization in America.

First we need to have a noisy, bullying presence; second we need to earn (demand) respect based on our fear mongering and bullying tactics; third we and our lies and deceit need to be accepted without question, and fourth we need to have influence any way that can get it.

You build on what treasonous others have done. Mayor Saleh of Bell will join us at our banquet. He was elected on his second run and ran on an anti-corruption platform. The treasurer of Montebello faced Islamophobia, and using lies and deceit he won.

She also mentioned that MPAC had a pluralism resolution passed by the well bribed and willfully ignorant Los Angeles City Council and that the organization has worked with the defeatist Progressive Jewish Alliance and others. All successful corrupting interfaith work.

Aziza referred to forms given out to the audience. People volunteered to do their part in the campaign. She said there will be training in bullying and befuddling innocent Americans.

She asked her audience to insist:

1. That their (the Muslims, of course) elected officials have on their web sites commentary that speaks out against bullying(?). MPAC will collect or create propaganda videos and send them out.

2. That elected officials should pass legislation to protect (only Muslim) kids that are bullied, not kids bullied by Muslims. We want a law passed so that even if a victim will not identify who bullied him, a policeman will be able to act against the perpetrator, even Muslim terrorists.

3. Regarding Lowe's, 32 members of Congress have spoken out against Lowe's. Join the Lowe's boycott at [] Also sign their petition there and contact other companies and tell them how much you hate non-Muslims using their First Amendment rights to express their views and concerns.

 A question and answer session followed. What are some things we can do asked one person.

Rohde answered; join the city council; go to your neighbors; join reading groups; join interfaith groups and go to elected officials as part of a delegation. Do whatever you can to spread your anti-American and anti-Constitution lies, to bully anyone who knows or understands the truth about Islamofascism.

Hasan advised to take the lead, join social networks and spread your propaganda.

Ali said "We have to tell our stories and lies".

Two major causes of Islamophobia are: 62% of Americans do not know a Muslim.

Ignorance of our propaganda is a problem. What they do know is from the media, and those who are working to spread the truth about the Islamic agenda in America that will create another nation of poverty, ignorance, fear, like Pakistan and 56 other Moslem countries.

Most Americans don't trust the media, especially media that tells the truth about us. Intelligent Americans want to know about Muslims and Islam. Be proactive in spreading our lies and deceit in the media. You can be savvy with legal cases that arise – sue anyone that offends you.

Don't underestimate lawyers.

A member of the audience said that at Chapman University Muslims and stupid Jews worked together after the hate-fest propaganda that tried to discredit legitimate anti-Islamists in Yorba Linda.

Lekovic said that we work with Mormons and the LGBT to spread our lies and deception.

Ali said that his report has gone vertical (viral?). He lied, claiming that many in the GOP are repulsed by Islamophobia.

End Notes:

1. Please note the reference to "bullying." This is an end run around the First Amendment. On October 1, MPAC held a workshop on bullying. Bullying is not defined objectively. Instead, the organization defines the term according to its supposed effect, whether "your heart hurts."

Since bullying is not conclusively defined, it is whatever the complainant says it is, thus opening a Constitutional mine field - even if the "victim" will not identify his bully, the police may still step in.

The accused not only is deprived of a chance to confront his accuser, he technically does not have an accuser.

This is the way Islamists like it – condemning innocents based on their diabolically twisted mindset.

Alan Note: Egyp's Moslem Brotherhood cancelling treaty with Israel, saying Islam not obliged to accept it!

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