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Monday, January 2, 2012


Obama and his administration on Video and Audio

A man called Obama (we think that's his name) who admitted in one of the links below he did not have the experience to be president, who proved this by his buffoonery instead of governance, replacing leadership with rounds of golf and claiming undeserved credit - as with the killing of Osama bin Laden - where the orders to proceed were issued by Panetta and Hillary against his wishes, now wants you to give him more time to COMPLETE the financial, social, moral and spiritual ruin of our nation.

He designates himself as the FOURTH BEST president America has EVER had - based on his narcissistic ARROGANCE rather than any basis in fact and fails to recognize that losing to Iran - or not retrieving or destroying our unmanned spy technology - by VETOING any such action to NOT annoy Islamic Iran, which is now threatening the world - as a greater failing to terrorism than getting Osama bin Laden.

Nor admitting responsibility for his abject failure to recover our economy when he had control of Senate, Congress and the White House for two of his first three years, plus still has the Senate and White House and to the contrary spending us into imminent bankruptcy, using that power to mire us past the point of rescue into an unsustainable ObamaCare system, where HIDDEN built in budgets and waivers to by-pass Congress and our Constitution.

A fairminded observer might in all kindness label him a radical Marxist-Islamist MORON - or a TRAITOR, far out of his depth to do anything CONSTRUCTIVE but clearly able and willing to be DESTRUCTIVE.

There is a saying that unskilled, illiterate laborers (navvies in British English) is all you need to destroy a building but need Architects and Engineers to build one.

He is at best a self-gratifying NAVVY! Destroying America and much of the world with his Moslem Brotherhood agenda, while he and his family live PARASITICALLY high on the hog at the public trough and spend tens of millions on their vacations and clothing and $140 per pound Kobe beef steaks for dinner.

While so many MULTIPLE TENS OF MILLIONS Americans are jobless, going broke under his "leadership" and deeply miserable because becoming homeless is on their horizon.

"Do as I say, not as I do" seems to be the theme of his selfish, self-serving mindsets and political immorality.

All that said, "YOU" are the irresponsible, naive moron if you cast a vote to keep him in the White House along with his Moslem Brotherhood activist policy makers he keeps there and not just radical but WEIRD czars, who along with puppetmaster George Soros, an enemy of America, pull his strings.

No gangster minded thug of a Chicago Neighborhood Organizer - even if a genius (not) - can gather enough knowledge let alone experience to govern a city let alone a State or Nation. Specially one who has never even run a lemonade stand or corner store and had to make budgets or hire or fire or create jobs for anyone but himself

Here is a comprehensive list of links of audios and videos of the Obama Administration so far and calling "YOU" a voter who wants this narcissicist back for more of this, anything less than a blithering idiot is a kindness and perhaps one who needs to spend the time going through all the information below and rethink your intent.

Hat tip for the links below to diligent Nachum of FreeRepublic

Obama-Corzine Were Wrong

Obama Issues Another Signing Statement, again (to avoid sanctioning Iran)

Michelle Obama: "Practical" To Put Myself Highest On My Priority List

Obama: "I Think There's A Laziness In Me"

Obama takes no personal responsibility for the economic crisis

Fannie & Freddie Bonuses: Stunning Silence from President Obama!

Obama: "I Want To Be A Really Good Two-Term President" (dream on!)

I'm the fourth best president in American history (???!!!!)

Obama: "Where Congress Is Not Willing To Act, We're Going To Go Ahead And Do It Ourselves" (without the Constitution?)

Obama Caught Pulling Fast One On '60 Mins'

OBAMA: 'I Didn't Overpromise,' Says Unemployment Could Drop To 8%! Next Year

Obama Whines: ‘We’ve Been Spending The Last Three Years Cleaning’ Bush’s Mess Up

Obama: ‘Ask Osama Bin Laden Whether I Engage In Appeasement’ (you bet you do!)

Confuses Texas and Kansas

Obama Gaffs, Mistakes, Lies, and Confusion

Obama: "Since I've Taken Office, I've Cut Your Taxes" (say what?!)

Obama quietly announces his campaign has begun [VIDEO]

ABC's Tapper To Carney: Looks Like Obama "Is Campaigning On Taxpayer Dime"

Obama Doesn‘t Mention God In Thanksgiving Address To Nation – With Video

Video: Obama heckled by Occupiers in New Hampshire; Update: Rahm Emanuel heckled by Chicago Occupiers, too

Newly discovered 2003-2004 Obama interviews: liberal ideas, policy contradictions [VIDEO]

Obama Scores a Hat Trick Insults America 3 Times in a Row (video)

Obama in Hawaii: 'Here in Asia' (did what caused scars on his skull damage his brain?)

Obama: America’s ‘Been A Little Bit Lazy’

Obama Can’t Pronounce Khe Sanh (kay saan)

Obama will act for unemployed vets ‘with or without Congress’ (outside Constitution)

President Obama Mocks Congress, Speaks for God (really believes he's a messiah?)

Obama: We’re better off with my policies than four years ago !!!!!

Obama; wealth gap shows need for fairer approach,0,129917.story

Obama: GOP Wants "Dirtier Air, Dirtier Water, Less People With Health Insurance" (video)

Flashback 2008: Obama claims Iran is a tiny country and not serious threat

‘Hiding in plain sight’—How did Obama know about ‘Gunwalker’ before Holder?

Obama: Republicans Don't Want A Place Where People "No Matter What They Look Like" Can Succeed

Obama: "None Of Us Make It On Our Own" Without Government Help

Obama Tells Advisers To Find How To Approve Stimulus Projects "Without Additional Congressional Authorization" (video) Constitution? What Constitution?)

Video: Obama speaks about Gay Rights at the "Human Rights Campaign"

Video: Obama Tells Townhall We're In A "Deep Recession"

Obama in Oct. 2008: A Glimpse of the Miserable Failure to Come (Video)

Video montage of past Obama odd moments

Video: Obama heckled, called Anti-Christ at CA campaign event

Video: Obama gaffe: President says billionaires should pay ‘Jew’ tax rate (Islamic Jazziyah?)

VIDEO(S): Obama Flashback: "Nobody's Looking to Raise Taxes Right Now"

Video: Obama: "I'm A Warrior For The Middle Class"

Video: Obama praising the Solyndra investment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Class Warfare: Now Obama Says ‘I Wear That Charge as a Badge of Honor’

Obama Pushes Jobs Bill As Help For Latinos  (voters!)

Bush Cheered at Ground Zero… Silence For Obama (Video

Michelle Obama at 9/11/11 US Flag folding [rolls her eyes] (video)

Gaffetastic. At 9-11 Tribute Obama Thinks “Bow and Spear” Means to Bend at the Waist (Video)

Bush Cheered at Ground Zero… Silence For Obama (Video)

Video: Count How Many Times Obama Asks Congress to ‘Pass This Jobs Bill’

Flashback Video: Obama Decries “Vitriol” In Political Discourse After Giffords Shooting…

(Videos) Obama says he is proud of Hoffa, after Hoffa declares war on Tea Party

Video: Hoffa to Labor Rally: We are Obama’s Army Against Tea Party; ‘Let’s Take These Sons of Bitches Out’

Where in the World is Michelle Obama? .. Vacation Madness

Obama: Congress(?) Putting Party Before Country (video)

(Video) Obama Dismisses Farmer's Concerns About Regulations: 'Don't Always Believe What You Hear'

Obama erroneously referred to Wyffels Hybrids Inc, the company hosting his town hall meeting in Illinois today, as "Waffles". The employees groaned and corrected him.(video)

Obama To Perry: "Be A Little More Careful About What You Say"(video)

Video: Tea Party activist talks about confrontation with Obama

Obama: Solving Deficit is `Not that complicated' (video) (when you are not going to do it)

In Weekly Address Obama Praises Plant Where‘Green’ Jobs at $2 Million Per Job (video)

Video: Obama: Celebrating Ramadan at White House ‘Quintessentially American Tradition’

Video: Obama: "Hear It In My Voice ... I Am Frustrated"

Awkward Pause: President Obama Opens Speech With Minute Of Unexplained Silence (brain damage?)

Obama Blames Arab Springs And Tsunami In Japan For Slower Growth (video)

Video: Obama 'pivots' to jobs now

Obama Gave Himself 3 Years to Fix the Economy (video) (time to go?)

At his birthday fundraiser...Obama: "We're Not Even Halfway There Yet"(video)

Obama Reflects On Debt Fight: Didn't Need This "Manufactured Crisis"

Obama: I’m Dealing with Debt Issue Like Lincoln Dealt with Slavery (Video) (say what??!!)

Video: Obama Links His Tax Increase to Patriotism

Video: Obama Makes ‘Socialist’ Quip During Debt Town Hall

Audio: Obama: Cut Defense Spending As Opposed To Food Stamps

Video: Obama On Lack Of Change: "This Is Something That We Inherited"

Obama can't remember when his birthday is

Video: Obama Passes Buck on Debt: ‘These are Bills Congress Ran Up’

Obama: 80% Of American People Want Higher Taxes As Part Of Deal

Video Flashback:...: “Obama says he's responsible for economy. "Give it to me." — President Obama, July 14, 2009

Video: Michelle Obama – Barack Quoted Alinsky When we Met

Obama: 'Professional Politicians' Understand Debt Crisis Better Than 'The Public' (you kidding or bain damaged?)

VIDEO: Obama Warns Best-Selling Authors: You're Not "Off The Hook"

Video: Obama: Don’t Look at Me… It’s the Earthquake, Tornado, State Budget Cuts, Gas Prices, Local Budget Cuts, Greece’s Fault

Video: Obama Pay Freeze Lie

FLASHBACK VID: Obama and Reid Admit Their Votes Not to Raise Debt Ceiling in 2006 Was 'Political"

Video: Obama thinks it's "nice to be out of Washington"

Gafftastic Flashback from 2/16/2011: Obama talks about Lincoln's Intercontinental Railroad (Video)

The Obama Press Conference Unplugged

Video: Obama says he is "amused" when people say he needs to get more involved in the debt crisis talks currently being led by Vice President Joe Biden.

VIDEO: Obama Films Campaign Ad In White House, Possibly Violating FEC Laws?

Michelle Obama: "Fortunately We Have Help From The Media"

Obama Makes Horrible Mistake Dishonoring Medal of Honor Winners (Video)

Flashback: Obama excoriated Pakistan over Taliban talks - 2008

Obama Blames ATMs for High Unemployment (Video)

VIDEO: Obama jokes about bad ecomomics: "Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected"

VIDEO: Obama: If You're Looking For "Partisan Rhetoric, I'm Probably Not Your Guy"

VIDEO: Amid 9.1% Unemployment Obama Whines About Europe’s ‘Fancier Trains’

Awkward: Obama Says U.S. Economy Took Hit ‘Even a Wrangler Would Have a Hard Time With’ (Video)

VIDEO: Obama sits in front row and chews gum during the sermon at the Joplin Memorial Service

Obama FumblesToast to Queen

VIDEO: Body Language of Netanyahu & Obama At Whitehouse Meeting (Obama's hateful eyes)

VIDEO: Obama, Netanyahu Meet Amid Discord Over 1967 Borders : Netanyahu rejects 1967 border talk

Flashback: Candidate Obama in 2008--"Jerusalem Will Be Israel's Capital"

VIDEO: Obama Invokes Bible to Push Immigration Policy

VIDEO: Two Years In, Obama Says Full Recovery Will "Take Us Several Years"

There Is "Nothing More Important" Than A Government Job (video)

Video: Texas burns, Obama fundraises

VIDEO: Obama Mocks Border Enforcement: "They'll Need A Moat" With Alligators

Video Captures Obama in Secretive Exchange of Notes With Air Force General

VIDEO: Obama: Killing justifies war policy

VIDEO: Obama Cracks an Uncomfortable Joke About Michelle’s Eating

VIDEO: Obama..."At My Direction" (total B.S!) U.S. Carried Out Operation Against Bin Laden

Video- Obama Enjoys Hearty Laugh During Speech in Tornado-Ravaged Village

Video: Obama explains timing of (forged) birth-cert release

VIDEO: 2008 Flashback: Obama talks $12-a-gallon gas (knowing he will block all domestic oil production)

Here We Go Again: Obama Back to Omitting ‘Creator’ From Declaration

Video-Flashback - Obama on Gas Prices-from three years ago

VIDEO: Obama fails to read his own deficit reduction plan

VIDEO: Obama Calls GOP Budget ‘Radical, Not Courageous’ at Facebook Town Hall

VIDEO: ‘Let Me Finish My Answers’: Obama Loses His Cool With Texas TV Reporter

VIDEO: Reporter turns aggressive on Obama

VIDEO: Flashback... Obama on Presidential Signing Statements

VIDEO: Obama confidently predicted.... a divided Congress would raise the nation’s borrowing limit to cover the staggering federal debt rather than risk triggering a worldwide recession

VIDEO: Obama: Rich "Can Afford To Give Back A Little Bit More"

Audio- Obama in 2001: The Redistribution of Wealth is akin to "Political and Economic Justice"

VIDEO: Obama: "I Remember What It Was Like Pumping Gas"

VIDEO: Obama Tells Congressional Leaders to ‘Act Like Grown Ups’ on Budget

Video- Obama in 2004: I Don't Have the Experience to be President (what changed in between?  Nothing!)

VIDEO: Obama: Meet my energy secretary, who actually deserved his Nobel prize

VIDEO: "I do a lot of praying, absolutely, every night, right before I go to bed," President Obama told ABC's Diane Sawyer.

VIDEO: Obama: Not acting in Libya 'would have been a betrayal of who we are' (proponents of terrorist Moslem Brotherhood Islamic world power?)

VIDEO..Obama in 2007: Speaking at the AFL-CIO forum: Hypocracy- demanding the opposite policy in the middle east he is practicing.."

Video: Obama, saying "Spending!"over and over again

VIDEO: Flashback 2008..Obama Admits To Consulting Top Socialist on Immigration: SEIU’s Eliseo Medina

Obama Denies Knowledge Of Operation Smuggling U.S. Weapons To Mexico (video)

VIDEO: Obama Yesterday: Gaddafi Must Go… Obama Today: Gaddafi Can Stay

VIDEO: Obama: "Never Take It For Granted" That I'm President

AUDIO: 2008 ...Obama: We’ll bankrupt any new coal plants

VIDEO: Obama is going to will “spare no effort” to determine why two American airmen were killed today in Germany (by gunman screaming "Allahu Akhbar") (and????)

Obama In 2007: “As A President I’ll Join Union Picket Lines” (and protects them politically every time)

VIDEO: Obama: Wisconsin is Launching an “Assault on Unions” (his buddies)

Obama Defends Budget Proposal, Lies Repeatedly,_lies_repeatedly

VIDEO: Obama Drops "S-Bomb" At Presser On Budget

VIDEO: Obama Refers To Himself As "The Gipper" In Farewell To Gibbs

Video: Obama goes all-in for Egyptian democracy (to place his Moslem Brotherhood in power)

VIDEO: Obama: Corporate Profits "Have To Be Shared By American Workers" (as in Communism)

VIDEO: President Obama on Zakat (Moslem "tithes" one eigth obligatorily designated or military purposes)

VIDEO: The Smartest President Ever: Obama Confuses Iraq and Afghanistan [twice in one interview]

VIDEO: Obama’s SOTU Republican Meetings Broken Promise

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