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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Please help do this. Refuse to accept these when they are handed to you.

I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead.

The lady just smiled and said 'way to go' , so she had read this caveat.

Please help out..our world is in enough trouble without this too!!!!!

U.S.Government New Dollar Coins

You guessed it: 'IN GOD WE TRUST' IS GONE!!!

If ever there was a reason to boycott something, THIS IS IT!!!!


Together we can force them out of circulation..


Democrats, refusing to hear of SPENDING cuts are trying to scare us with baseless claims millions of Seniors will go hungry, 70,000 children will die, the sky will fall!

YET they cry wolf while avoiding to point out that the Republican cuts are:

A mere 3.3% of our yearly deficit, 1.05% of our  2011 budget   and ONLY 0.28% of our ENTIRE OBAMA (no, not Bush)  DEFICIT!

Such TINY percentages qualify as accounting errors not deficit reductions with any meaning!

We (the Obama administration on our behalf - without our consent, even against our wishes) spent THREE times what we took in over the last couple of months. And on average, spend EIGHT times our revenues on a continuing basis!

To put this in family context, if you  earn $1,500 a month you would be spending $12,000 a month and expecting to continue doing this without any consequences to you and your family.

It makes sense to (now) millionaire Obama, who will disappear with his millions when the going gets tough and set himself up in some Islamic country - including Kenya, declare himself the Moslem enabler he always was demanding reward, and not even think about - other than with SATISFIED pride - at the destruction and misery he left behind in the USA.

At least under the late-Shah, General Pakravan drained his budgets to buy this Paris location for the Imperial Embassy to present the country as it was then and (unlike Obama's legacy) left behind something far too worthy of the flea-ridden clerics who rule Islamic Iran with ruthless, bloody supression. The worst of the late-Shah's critics accusations against his regime make him appear like a choir boy compared to this bunch.

AND, in retrospect,  far less corrupt than the Obama Chicago style criminal administration and the radical Marxist-Islamic and Union thugs he put in charge of America today.

Sure there was corruption in His Majesty's government, I was there and saw some of it but by contrast there was his deep love of country and pragmatic decisions to bring it out of the 18th century into the modern world.

When one of his key Ministers was found to have embezzled some $20 million, everyone expected him to be fired. And protested when he was not.

In a private explanation, His Majesty explained that the fast expanding country was very short of trained and experienced people to fill senior posts and a country, like a large corporation, needed such people to function efficiently and effectively.

"Would you prefer me to throw him in prison for a few years, the most the law would allow,  and then have him leave the country and enjoy the fruits of his theft? Or would you rather I kept him at his desk, showing up every morning at six in the morning, with my sword of Damocles over his head and use his decade of experience to advance the needs of the nation in a professiona manner? And with his knowing I know and can prove it, he will be financially correct in all future projects. Something I cannot presume would be the case with his replacement who might not have the same restrictions on his actions."

While noting that $20 million was a huge amount "out of context", it was a drop in the bucket out of the national budget and could be (ruefully) considered "training cost" of a capable senior official, who can save us far more than that amount in doing a good job.

Here are some photos of the Paris Embassy:

(Persian caption praising General Pakravan, who originally saved Khomeini's life in 1964 after the latter was condemned to death by the courts and in 1979 the General was immediately taken to the roof of his house and executed by the rabid Mullah to prevent  a host of negative secrets about him being disclosed - including his not having a drop of Iranian-Persian blood in his veins. See which because of Archiving space saving formatting appears as one long paragraph).

اينجا سفارت ايران در شماره 4 خيابان اينا پاريس است. ببنيد اين ملا صفت ها واقعا لياقت اين ساختمان را دارند. اين ساختمان را تيمسار پاکروان با يک خون دلی خريد و آباد کرد ولی همين ملايان از نخستين کسانی که تيربارانش کردند همين تيمسار حسن پاکروان بود. روحش شاد و روانش قرين شادی باد... يادش آن شادروان و خدماتش بخير..

When foreigner Khomeini invaded and took power in Iran, he banned desks and chairs in government offices, saying he had sat on the floor all his life so his officials should follow suit!

To provide focus on his similarity to clueless Obama, he insisted that his national budget was on a piece of paper IN HIS POCKET, whereas for previous, real budgets, just the INDEXES had to be carried inside two LARGE specially made briefcases in which they were taken to the Shah's Parliament by Prime Minister Amir Abbass Hoveidah for the previous 13-years before this blight (like Obama on the USA) hit the Persian nation!

Other than showering more frequently, there are huge mental similarities between Obama and Khomeini, just more restrictive laws in the USA toward implementing thuggish Obama desires.

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