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Sunday, April 3, 2011


While listening to a Persian broacaster in London berating the Islamic Iranian regime as the worst on earth, I came across the claims assessed to Oba-Hussein. Apart from the lack of bloodshed here in the USA, rivers of it on Obama's hands elsewhwere like Libya, Egypt, Syria, his regime is easily as thuggish and brainless or worse than the Islamic Iranian one.

And he really does not care. Worst case scenario he will take a one way family holiday to visit Kenya, having already transfered his millions overseas and bask like the king he believes he is in the adulation of the Kenyans and have them build him and maintain a pefect golf course and build him a palace. All at the expense of the Kenyan people not out of his own pocket. While continuing to turn his back on his poor relatives like his slum dwelling brother who has to ge by on $20 A YEAR! While his usurper brother spends $120 a pound on Japanse Kobe beef steak at his White House dining table. Again at our expense not his own.

Meanwhile - slightly dated subject but an interesting speculation since at the time Iran was threatening Saudi Arabia.

OBAMA's  IDIOTIC CLAIMS (he thinks we are stupid enough to believe them, though the fools who voted for him might still be or the freeloaders guzzling at the government trough he has put out for them):

Gallup Daily tracking finds that 20.3% of the U.S. workforce was underemployed in March -- a slight uptick from the relatively flat January and February numbers. A rise in the percentage of part-timers wanting to work full time (from 9.2% to 9.9%) is responsible for the March increase in underemployment. He claims there is a drop in unemployment on the technicality of removing over TWO MILLION unemployed people from the work force!

Read carefully to understanding the SPIN he has put on all that is wrong under his leadership!

''America is on the mend. My 2012 budget is a responsible approach that puts the nation on a path to live within our means so we can invest in our future. That's right, we're forging ahead, escaping this sub-prime malaise. Ben will fully implement QE2 – the latest $600 billon bout of money-printing - following the $1.7 trillion program already completed! Wasn't that easy how we monetized the debt (deficit financing now is the Fed buying treasuries).

Let me tell you, we are the world's largest debtor, with federal liabilities of $9.1 trillion. And there's much more to come.

But we have no reports today that my plan is the most irresponsible spending plan in our lifetimes or that it will be worsening our fiscal nightmare. We also have no reports of several counties in America with home vacancy rates above 55%. And no reports of Vice President Biden performing financial castration on companies extracting profits from their business activities.

I'm proud to announce the biggest single thing the federal government does these days is cut checks. A record amount of government payouts -- including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance -- now make up more than a third of total wages and salaries of the US population. And here's another whopping-big check soon to be cut. I'm sending Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to Honolulu to discuss a $5.5 billion commuter rail project. That'll rev up this economy for those union Democrats in Hawaii. And at the end of the first quarter of fiscal 2011, the federal government has $1 trillion in an untapped Piggy Bank.

Looking back at the federal deficit for February 2011, it marks the 29th straight month the government has run in the red — a modern record. If we divide that monthly record of $223 billion by the 28 days of February we get $7.9 billion in new debt PER DAY!

So the Senate Democrats touting their $4.7 billion in ANNUAL spending cuts as fiscally responsible, or the GOP's trumpeted budget cuts, are equivalent to the amount the debt increased in any given 13 hour period of any day in February.

By the way, my (Obama's)  Libyan war will also wipe out any cuts -- in truth the cost of a Happy Meal could wipe out your budget cuts.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) says the Federal budget may not be balanced for 20 years. Steny should know, he helped dig the hole. But here's where we really shine... Surging oil prices along with my new spending plan gives me evidence that we, the world's biggest oil importer, are fit, healthy and ready to spend our way 'out of this.

I don't care what you have to say as long as I can continue to add new debt long enough to get us past the point of no return.

With regard to healthcare, let me repeat:

your guaranteed Medicare benefits won't change. First of all, if you've got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. (NOT!)

And finally, as to GE's zero tax liability... it's a legitimate demonstration of the positive reinforcement needed to inspire businesses to cooperate in the implementation of my agenda for change. There have to be incentives to distinguish between our friends and enemies when it comes to policy. Presidents going back to FDR have used the IRS and its authority over taxes to help provide the type of incentives that corporations can appreciate.

Now please go back to your business as usual, and just relax. When we see a flicker of a problem, we'll say something.''

Like the "flicker" of Al Qaeda commanders running the Libyan rebels we support?

(hat tip BobP)


Hope and Change.... Tragic!

When the tipping point exposes the country as bankrupt these socialists will eventually declare an emergency - a WWII style 'bond drive' - and start collecting private savings and retirement accounts, etc., as a down-payment on the debt.

Appealing to a patriotic sense of duty.

That is essentially what happened to Weimar Germany and Austria after WWI leading up to the 1923 collapse.

Citizens rushed to buy government 'war bonds' as a safe haven against other dwindling investments, only to have the war bonds collapse in value as the mark and kroner rapidly depreciated in value as the government's printed more and more money to cover their debts.

The result being that people had no assets (economic resources) and zero purchasing power.

Is this misery he has imposed on us any better than the bloodshed in Islamic Iran? Will the "life" he offers be worth living when he gets done with us?

BTW an Iranian official in a single town of Isfahan has declared there are 138 people scheduled for execution in his town. They are averaging one execution every EIGHT hours in Iran.

Eight  Bahai leaders, aleady in prison for the last three years have been sentenced to 20-year prison terms for being non-Moslems (or following a strange version of Islam) though they were accused of spying - a catch-all accusation like drug dealing or activity against the State.

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