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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Selectively reading many if not all of the hundreds of Emails we get daily and browsing all sorts of sites and aggregators, today in a state of  feverish influenza, perhaps because of it, a very simple clarity has floated to the top.

Probably, you have realized this already, the reason the Democrats absolutely refuse to reduce spending and run up a mind-boggling deficit is to FORCE a tax increase to take place as we drown in debt and higher taxes APPEAR to offer the only solution.

Inept Obama has way overstepped on this and has almost certainly pushed us all past the point of no return - or past the point of rescue.

But that's OK for him and his goals. He cares little about what happens to the USA - unless it is negative and destrucitve of the American nation as we have known it and forces us into a mediocre, Socialist  European status in line with his Marxist-Islamist ideology. Which he can then control for his masters.

First, you have to remember a key point. Conflict, specially when violent, causes destruction and this has to  be repaired. Using up lots of money. So conflict creates debt and whoever controls and manages the debt, controls the conflict. Thus Obama's intentional deficit.

A key part of the Guadeloupe meeting set up by Jimmy Carter to overthrow the late-Shah of Iran was focused on the fact Iran was rising to a successful, prosperous modern nation. And would need less and less of the West's products as time went by.

On the contrary, when Carter had insisted the Shah sign a 50-year contract to sell oil to America for $8 (eight) a barrel - or else lose America  as a client, His Majesty responded that apart from not having known reserves to last half a century, he could not betray his country when each barrel of oil would be worth $1,000 as petrochemical in the plant he was buidling in Southern Iran went online.

And to sell Iranian oil inside the USA, he would simply and legally set up a string of National Iranian Oil gas stations in every city - North to South and East to West - inside America and sell it directly to the consumer.

So he had to go!

As destructively as possible for Iranian infrastructure, economy and any ability to continue into the modern age. Thus lots of revenue from sale of "repair" goods for the four instigators of Guadeloupe. America, Engand, France and Germany colluded to make this happen and use exiled looney tunes Marxist-Islamist "ayatollah Khomeini" as the wedge to make this happen.

Carter's very close and intimate ties to the Soviet Union (those tendencies of his still manifest in him today) brought them into the game and the revolution to remove the Shah and destroy the Iranian economy began inside the Soviet Embassy in Tehran, Iran. This center of operations began using MARXIST-ISLAMIST  Mojaheddin (MEK) to entice naive, gullible Moslems into their movement. (The details are a story of their own).

What is worth mentioning here is that the MEK leaders, spoke of Khomeini arriving in clerical robes but when the time was right, taking these off to show his red (Marxist) shirt underneath.

How do I know? I was there - and listened to intercepted phone calls at military intelligence and counter-intelligence headquarters and to informants we had infiltrated into the MEK with audio recorders. (Again, details are another story).

But what is applicable here to Obama is that I have already been through what he is doing to us and it's the same "Soviet" game  but on a different playing field. The Obama ideology and actions are unreal and strange to the "Joe Sixpack" of America but to those who have met or been involved with it in Soviet Republics, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, China and Islamic countries, were it not so globally apocalyptic, Obama's efforts are an almost boring replay. Same movie different actors.

Again what so many also miss are the "supporting actors" in the wings. Important ones but pure give-aways. Like the fact that manufacturers of freeze dried foods have received such huge orders from the Obama government that they are unable to offer products to private individuals who want to build up a food reserve. Nor supply their distributors, so they are cutting them loose. There is a six month wait to receive orders placed with freeze dried foods producers

Billion dollar purchases toward some 400 million  and more MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) type foods for emergencies and disasters with very long shelf life are in place have been made.

Enough for a million man civilian security force? Bought with your tax dollars for forces (specially martial law goons) who will be used gainst you if "you the people" fail to kiss Obambi's toes after he declares martial law?

Sound too feverish for you? Keep this item in your sights and as Glenn Beck says, do your own research, checking, cross referencing and form your own conclusions. Had you "been there and done that" elsewhere in your life you would not need my signposts. You'd be way ahead of me. And the "tip of the iceberg" you are being shown.

For a while I had a $2 million a month, clean company in the Middle East before the Mullahs confiscated it leaving me with a couple of suitcases and the urgency to get out of there alive. Now it looks as if "Oba-Hussein-Khomeini" is about to take this country away - not just from me - but from all of us. And is actively participating in the formation of a worldwide Caliphate under Sharia law. As evident with the every day destabilizing of North African and Middle Eastern states to hand them over to the Moslem Brotherhood. Or as in Libya to Al Qaeda and the Moslem Brotherhood.

Have you ever thought that the only difference between a Communist State and an Islamic one is the Marxists bow to the dictates of an all powerful, usually selfishly brutal  Komissar, whom they have to obey or perish and in Islam Allah replaces the Komissar.

Other than that they are both a socio-political system that demands and enforces their "rulings" through humans. One with their god version and the other without any deity.

Do you know how many conversations I have had with Christians of differing denominations which often ended with their insisting their Jesus was better than my Jesus! Is it any wonder that Shia and Sunni Moslems have similar conflicting mindsets? Or that Moslems hate Christians? Or that Moslems are not monolithic and have a multitude of sects, which fight and kill each other - not only Christians?

Having lived among Moslems in the Middle East for decades I can claim to know Moslems and cannot call Islam a religion instead of a socio-political system with religious laws rather than simply spiritual beliefs.

Britain has a Church of England, so if Islam is a "religion" then so is Britain!

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