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Friday, May 13, 2011


Google has been pretty good with non-profit, non-commerical AntiMullah and our right to free speech and opinion but there are elements, I surmise in their techie department rather than management,  who do not believe in any of that and instead of our rights, protect the Islamic regime in Iran when they get a chance. And Iran's ally in the White House.

On May 12th we posted two longish articles as shown below,  before Google went "read only" for technical maintenance, for much of the day.

When the site was back these two articles no longer exist!

Nor anything posted since Sunday May 8th!

I can reconstitute the salient facts as they came from various other sources and still exist but would request Google - in the name of freedom of speech, rather than RE-APPEARING pro-Islamic Iran tendencies among their techies, to restore these from Google archives.

THE GREAT NEW IRANIAN PRISON (being built and needed to accomodate the growing number of political prisoners)

Using frozen Libyan money OBAMA is in reality funding:

Al Qaeda,

Moslem Brotherhood,

Islamic Iranian intelligence

Iranian Special Forces agents

Talibans from Afghanistan

AND a bevy of other terrorist and Islamist groups.

Together, they form a combined majority among the Libyan rebels about to be funded with fungible (invisible and unaccountable ) confiscated Libyan money. None of these rebel groups  are PRO-AMERICA!

Also in the article was a video of Syrian brutality at the hands of the same Iranian Revolutionary Guards (20,000 sent to help Bashar Assad), who have killed over 800 Syrians in a matter of weeks and just in the last week have brutally beaten and arrested TEN THOUSAND Syrians. In the same fashion they killed thousands in Iranian streets and prisons in 2009.

Come on, Google, these are part of reality all over the Internet, not just on Google and using your clout (and you have lots of it) to hide it is below an organization like yours. Again, Obama will not be in the White House forever to protect your interests and future Moslem regimes will be the first to attack and hobble, even ban you, if you say anything they do not like, so YOUR freedom of operation will also be jeopardized they way some of your techies are doing to us.

You should know how it feels. Facebook is attacking you in an ugly, underhand fashion!

Remember how your "hero" employee in Egypt was prevented, by Islamic Mullahs,  from speaking from the platform to address the crowds he helped gather to ovverthrow Mobarak? Is that the freedoom of speech you espouse?

Once again thanks for the platform you provide to speak our minds and often differing views but you may need to take a look at some inside your organization for whom repressing free speech is fine and suits their nature.

Thank you.

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