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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


UPDATE: AT&T has reset the relay routing and server for our account, so should no longer be a problem.

BUT Google still provides glitches which may need their kind attention: for instance from the Main Page, clicking on the links in the left margin to other sections of AntiMullah also occasionally replies that "this page cannot be displayed" - both are links on Google Blogspot, so its seems the Google server has a glitch that is hitting us. A second click DOES bring up the subsections.

Still trying to resolve the statistics matter, which in no way interferes with "visitors viewing ability" only internal records.

To our visitors - Be healthy, happy and thrive - regardless if you agree with or oppose our views.

You are always welcome. We make no profit on you so this wish is genuine.


I'm finding that in browsing with Internet Explorer 8.xx  I am recently increasingly running across a message that basically says "Internet cannot display this page" in a variety of situations. Since most of them were not urgent or important, I moved on to something else.

However, if you CLICK AGAIN or refresh, the desired site DOES come up. This may also be because AT&T server malfunctions or bandwidth is insufficient. Lack of bandwidth messages from AT&T have also started appearing fairly frequently and YouTube videos pause or interrupt repeatedly rather than playing smoothly. And we have a high speed conection which has deteriorated.

One  reason for bringing this up is to hear if others are having a similar problem recently. And also to remind you that if you click on any of our site secions and get a "cannot display page" just give it another click or refresh.

Since Google techies worked on some problems with their whole Blogspot  system (and wiped out a number of our posts - THEN restored them ) - we have encountered a strange phenomenon. While they seem to have loosened the filtering blocks that prevented AntiMullah and the subsites from being seen by Search engines, the two external Statistical software applications that we use suddenly diminished by HALF - overnight! If at any given time period we had 5,000 visits we now have only 2,500. Both of the softwares equally influenced by whatever happened.

Something in the external statistics applications that kept score for each section seems to have been deleted or corrupted during the "repair", so not everything gets counted in each of them.

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