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Monday, May 16, 2011


(Wouldn't Florida Congressman  Alan West make a great President?)

When you watch this video, you will hear time and again the White House representative state that the political contribution disclosure Obama wants to impose by his latest Executive Order before a contract is awarded - SHALL NOT play ANY role in the criteria for actual awarding of the contract!

Then WHY does it need to even be put in force? You're not going to use it but you insist on demanding it!

Does he really think "we the people" are so stupid that we do not recognize the chilling effect on companies who work regularly with the Federal government, or desire  to do so, to contribute to his political party preferences. Although this information can legitimately be acquired AFTER a contract is awarded, OBAMA wants to wield the threat (though denied) of companies fearing not getting a contract, or having their chances reduced, unless they have contributed (substantially) politically to Democrats at all levels.

Here's another "invisible" tightening of the noose he has placed around our necks to exercise power plays. Such as the Executive Order to ban "supplements" like vitamins, or fish oil or other natural items "we the people" use to maintain our health WITHOUT the use of pharmaceutical medications.

I no longer trust Obama's intentions or think he has any desire to see our nation prosper and even believe there could be an unstated plan to weaken our nation's health in this way.

Similar to the Chinese flooding our country a few decades ago with "black tar" heroin at ridiculously low prices compared to other illegal drugs. And as Britain did to the Chinese with opium before that to weaken their resistance to British dominance.

The Chinese have since unofficially admitted they intended to weaken our national ability to prosper and maintain security by addicting our future generations with this deadly, horribly addictive drug, which our youth could afford to buy. Among illegal drugs heroin is one of the most harmful and deadliest.

Heroin is almost instantly addictive even with one use, as it deposits irritating crystals in the between spinal vertebrae, and only more heroin soothes the acute discomfort - depositing more crystals, requiring larger soothing heroin intake in a vicious spiraling circle.

Along the same lines, Obama has put in place and to some extent in motion, a ban on SURVIVAL by any of those who can grow or supply food for themselves and neighbors in their gardens, small farms or for instance by keeping chickens in back yards or growing vegetables in their flower beds or in pots. He is using food quality and FOOD health protection ras easons to prevent anyone feeding themselves and their families by their own efforts.

As you can see, you will have to turn to the government for sustenance and run the gauntlet of being frozen out of lucrative government business if you oppose anything they impose. With all hat is going on in North Africa and teh Midle East, for anyone to still deny his mixture of Marxist-Islamist dictatorship plans is verging on the ludicrous or political blindess/inexperience.

BTW, there is nothing racist in any of my comments. I don't care if he is white, black, blue, purple or any combination of colors BUT I do care about his destructive and self-indulgent and remorseless imposition of policies that will destroy America and sides with the Moslem Brotherhood, Jihadi Moslem Sharia and promotes (even by default) a global Islamic Caliphate.

And as a footnote to accusations of racism by anyone who fails to endorse this blight on the world, are they being racist to his 50% WHITE half or his Arab ethnical background? In reality, he does not even meet Federal regulatory standards for an African minority status with his less than the minimum required by law and only has some SIX PERCENT - that's all - of African bloodline from a Kenyan (in reality British East African Protectorate) grandmother . Or was it great-grandma?

Amazing how Obama's latest Birth Certificate gives his father's nationality as Kenyan (also African is not a nationality)! There was NO SUCH COUNTRY when he was born (August 1961?). Kenya became a country in December 1963, so how could someone's (father) be a registered national of a country which DOES NOT EXIST at the time of the registration?

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